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Brick Auction Year 2011 
Brick Number 275 
Artist Full Name Carol Abbott 
Title Jewels in the Queen City's Crown: Carew and PNC 
Artist Short Bio A resident of the Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati. I specialize in creating "happy place portraits" - colorful acrylic, watercolor and oil paintings of homes, buildings and architecture in a landscape setting. 
Inspiration This is one of three bricks I painted this year inspired by some of Cincinnati's landmark skyscrapers. The PNC Bank Tower, with its distinctive light color and pointed top, is on one side and the Carew Tower, once our tallest building, is on the other 

Artist's Bio

10th Annual Breast Cancer Brick Auction

Sunday October 30th, 2010

2-5 p.m.

Cintas Center
at Xavier University
Cincinnati, Ohio 45207