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Brick Auction Year 2011 
Brick Number 252 
Artist Full Name Anna Bachelier 
Title Ladies for a Cure 
Artist Short Bio I am 9 years old and this is my 2nd year to donate a brick. I have been attending the auctions since 2009, right after my Aunt Ava (dad's sister) had her mastectomy. Since I am the only girl among all boy cousins on Dad's side, I am very close to my aunts. Each year, I look forward to attending the auction with Aunt Ava and Aunt Yvonne. My grandma (Mom's mother) had breast cancer and so did my dad's grandmother. I am in the 4th grade and have one brother, Brandon.  
Inspiration Last year, the auction was on my 9th birthday. I attended with my aunts Yvonne and Ava and on the way home, I was already thinking about the next auction. I thought about ladies marching for a cure and came up with the idea of using lady bugs as the symbol and swapping out the black dots on the bug for pink ribbons. I painted my garden brick with the "ladies" marching. I loaned my idea to Aunt Yvonne, who also painted a series of 3 lady bug stones using the pink ribbon theme. 

Artist's Bio

10th Annual Breast Cancer Brick Auction

Sunday October 30th, 2010

2-5 p.m.

Cintas Center
at Xavier University
Cincinnati, Ohio 45207