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Title A Geisha's View 
Inspiration I just love oriental images. We were in Japan and I enjoyed painting the beautiful parasols. 
Brick Number 298 
Artist Full Name Jane Austing 
Artist Short Bio Jane Austing is married and the mother of four grown children. She worked professionally as an artist at the original Rookwood Pottery. Jane is an accomplished Water Color Painter and Enamalist. She is a member of the Cincinnati Women's Art Club, Hilltop Artists and the Enamelist Society. Jane's paintings and enameled pieces have been shown in numerous shows in Cincinnati and St. Petersburg, Florida where she has her Winter home.
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Brick Auction Year 2010 

Artist's Bio

9th Annual Breast Cancer Brick Auction

Sunday October 10th, 2010

2-5 p.m.

Cintas Center
at Xavier University
Cincinnati, Ohio 45207